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3AbestBuy涵蓋許多垂直市場。我們的產品廣泛應用於工業電腦,服務器,多媒體製作,通訊等,休閒產業。 我們集團已經獲得了許多生產OEM / ODM產品和提供服務的經驗,我們提供靈活的設計,經濟高效的解決方案。


3AbestBuy【深入世界】World好東西,在資訊互聯時代,創造輕鬆「便利、品質、好東西」的BestBuy 網購空間。

3AbestBuy has had experience in the industrial computer industry for over 20 years. We focus on OEM / ODM projects, producing industrial power, rack-mountable chassis, cabinet, closed rack and providing data storage solutions. Our intrinsic value is driven by a firm belief, "to always provide our customers the best products and service."

3AbestBuy cover many vertical markets. Our products are widely used in industrial computers, servers, multimedia production, communications, and leisure industries. Our Group has gained many experiences producing OEM / ODM products and providing services. We specially provide flexible design and fast, cost-effective solutions.

3AbestBuy has a high-end technology and strong partnerships. Over the years, we have been working with major computer component manufacturers and system integrators closely, to ensure that our products are highly compatible and extremely stable. We constantly adopt new industry standards, to improve our design. We have the ability to meet the customized specifications of the products to win our outstanding and stable reputation. We have experienced design team and project engineers to complete the OEM products and meet the specifications in the limited time. As the peak of technology in this era, the key to success for 3AbestBuy Group is that we believe the leader of innovative technology must be able to integrate all the latest progress of the products, in order to fulfill customers’ satisfaction.

3AbestBuy, whether it is everyday objects, computer peripherals, or Mobile 3C, each piece of work is a designer and engineer's life experience, aesthetics, structure, and concept to create a unique masterpiece.

3AbestBuy [Deep into the World] World nice things. In the era of information interconnection, we create the BestBuy online shopping space with easy convenience, quality and good things.